Nearly the Entire Population of Virginia…..

I had all my secret personal signals- omens if you will showing me that something was happening. My body felt different, I felt different. Yes, this is it. This month would be the month, I could tell, two pink lines. Just keep visualizing two pink lines.  Result: ONE BIG FAT PINK LINE. I was so sure!! Ok, well maybe I was wrong, clearly I was wrong and that happens sometimes. Next time! Next time came and went. Hit the repeat button for three years”.

-The Heartache and the Grief. Two Pink Lines; A Guide to Taking on Fertility Challenges.

Every month women across the nation hold their breath in anticipation, hoping that they’ll be lucky. For them, luck comes in the form of two pink lines: yes or no, pregnant or not ending with happy or sad. The exact number of women that go through this ritual each month is unknown, but it’s at least 7.3 million – nearly the entire population of Virginia and this number is increasing. Infertility is on the rise.

This diagnoses’ close relative is Struggle. Struggle to make sense of disquieting initialisms such as PCOS, struggle to understand why and what can be done and last but not least, struggle to prevent being totally consumed by the process of having a baby. If this is you or someone you know, then you probably have an idea of what I am talking about.

Two Pink Lines walks the patient through the most important issues they will likely navigate, helping them find their own solutions to their unique, personal situations.  It is the first book to provide both checklists together with practical subject plans or worksheets.  All the research for this book is based on sound scientific data that has been translated for the reader in an easy to read format. In an unbiased fashion both natural and assisted reproductive methods are examined. In an arena where a lack of control is felt so keenly, Two Pink Lines stands out as a book of empowerment.


This blog is a “behind the scenes” look at creating the book. With Podcasts referring to each chapter in the book, the author talks frankly about each topic and the message she hopes to impart.

In an unusual departure from the norm, you will get to view conversations between the editor (Amy Eden Jollymore) and the author, who pushes her to drop down further into her own process and the subject matter, taking the book to a deeper level.  Amy will also talk about her own experience of learning more about this subject matter and how it has changed her views and experience of those diagnosed with infertility. Some of the Podcasts are also inspired by questions posed to the author such as  ” what happened to the women and couples in the book?” These questions and others shall be answered.

As you get to know the author through the book and Pod casts, feel free to post your questions, comments and curiosities. Your own insights are most welcome.

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